Here you will find the current offerings of maker kits. New kits are added on a regular basis. Full details on each item are found in the shop and virtual instructions are provided after purchase. Shipping is free!

Maker Toolbox

Are you or your loved ones eager to make but don’t know where to start? This is it! The ultimate starter kit!

various craft supplies laid out next to a toolbox

Sewing Kit

This kit is the ideal introduction to sewing. Three projects in one kit, brought to you by featured maker Claudia! 

Valentine Glass Kit

Make your february more festive with this glass decorating kit. This is our first product by Sheridan’s Specialties!

Watercolor Maker Kit

Learn the both classic and new watercolor techniques and start creating your own masterpieces! Brought to you by featured maker Izzy!

Monster Gloves Kit

Channel your inner monster with these gloves. Just remember that with great power comes great responsibility. Brought to you by featured maker Eva!

corkboard kit

Corkboard Kit

This project is fun for the whole family. Great as a potholder or wall art! Brought to you by featured maker Hadley!

Yoga and Relaxation Kit

Sometimes making can be stressful. Don’t forget to take a deep breath and stretch! Brought to you by featured maker Nora!


Micro:bit Kit

Robotics has never been so fun and easy! Lights, motors, sensors. You name it. This kit comes from Penny and Evan!

Kitchen Concoctions

Ideal for mad scientists-in-training. This kit was created by our featured maker Emma!

image of various art supplies

Art Kit

The journey of a thousand paintings starts with a single brush stroke.

Felting Kit

A perfect blend of fiber and art for the maker who loves both.

Inventions: Bits & Pieces

Materials to fuel the creative fire.

Inventions: Take-a-part

Deconstruction is the new construction.

Dog Pull Toy Kit

For the curious maker and their canine companion. This is our first kit created by our featured makers! 

Draw Bot Kit

The intersection between art and technology starts here.

items in the draw bot kit laid out
pool noodles next to several craft supplies

Pool Noodle Kit

Pools are closed this year but making never stops.