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Growing Up Making combines my 62 years of life experiences, 35 years of motherhood experience and 22 years of teaching experience. When adults make things with their own hands, it provides such a sense of accomplishment and pride. But more importantly, when children learn to make things independently the world is completely open to them. Their imaginations know that anything is possible.

A photograph of Maureen Frew smiling and sitting at a workbench in a maker studio. She is ready to create something awesome.




Speaking Engagements

Interested in booking a speaking engagement?

Please send me a request via email at maureengfrew@gmail.com
"Mrs. Maureen Frew provided professional development in the art of Making, to Robert Morris University pre-service teachers.  She utilized the RMU Makerspace to talk about linking literature, science, and math to students in PreK-4th grade. Mrs. Frew provided many concrete examples of things to do in a classroom.  She discussed circuitry, patterning, and coding.  RMU pre-service teachers created flashlights with popsicle sticks, copper tape and LED lights; "jitters" out of pool noodles and electric toothbrushes; and learned how to create a simple circuit.  Mrs. Frew linked activities to children's literature, and had RMU students create their own maker lessons using a personal favorite children's book.  The workshops were a wonderful example of linking theory to practice, and help to connect pre-service teachers' ideas of their future classrooms come to life."
Susan Wuchenich Parker, Ph.D.
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